SpC 2017 - Bio is the New Tech

BEST Lyon, 15th-24th April 2017

Have you ever wondered what brilliant concept is hidden behind a simple thing such as the velcro attachment for shoes ? Do you know why plane wings have that particular form on their end ? 

What if we told you that those two examples and many others have their origin in nature ?Biomimetics: the art of creating inspired by nature. 

Come to BEST Lyon and you will learn all about this incredible topic ! 
Because nature has all the answers ... because we only have to follow its example in order to resolve any of our problems ! 

Join our Biomime-trip and you will discover the wonderful city of lights, gastronomy and cinema, always hand in hand with our awesome organisers and the other lovely participants who will be sharing with you this amazing adventure. 

Pre-materials : 

Article : "Globally networked risks and how to respond", Dirk Helbing 

Article : "Towards a deeper philosophy of biomimicry", Freya Mathews 

Article : "The Philosophy of Biomimicry", Henry Dicks 

Website : RCSB Protein Data Bank