Educational Involvement

Educational Involvement


Our main goal is to provide the view of a student where it is needed, and since 1995, BEST has played an active role in the development of projects of the European Commission, the most recent being PROVIP, EU-VIP and EUROEAST.

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Participate as expert in BEST Events on Education


Experts are an essential part in our Events on Education (EoE). An expert can be anyone with experience in the topics approached in the event. Experts can contact BEST directly or they can be invited by BEST.

What do you gain by participating as an expert in Events on Education?

  • Sharing your experience with students from all over Europe
  • Learning about new methods and projects
  • Receiving students' feedback about your current work/projects
  • Networking with the host university, international academics, EU project representatives, students and BEST.


After each Event on Education, BEST prepares a report with the outcomes and sends it to the partners and professors who have participated.

See here the EoE reports.