Spring Course Lyon

Spring Course Lyon

As part of Season Courses, BEST Lyon organises a Spring Course (SpC).

The SpC is held in Lyon during our spring vacations. Which is usually 2nd week of April until 4th week of April. And it usually lasts 9 days.

The course is organised in the La Doua Campus, which is home to our university INSA Lyon.


Various themes are chosen throuout the years. Many on which including biosciences, energetical, electrical, mechanical sciences and also non-scientific subjects such as management, advertisement, project managament, etc.


Except for the Academic part, we let our participants discover our beautiful city...LYON!

Organising various musem visits and excursions, we uncover everything from the ancient remains of Lugdunum, to the modern masterpiece of Confluence.

We never forget that except for Lyon, we are in France. And we will give our participants a taste of French culture including some of our language, cheese, baguettes and of course wine.


And naturally, what is a BEST course without intercultural activities?!

Every night we host different evenings in order to have a full cultural exhange filled with stories with our participants.

If you are interested, feel free to discover SpC throughout the years in the left column!


Spring Course Lyon - 12/19/2020

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