University Partner - INSA

University Partner - INSA


BEST Lyon is an INSA Lyon association and is located in its campus

Thanks to INSA Lyon, we are able to offer our services to INSA students.

They have helped us by giving access to an office, website support, and continuous support with all our events.

Whithout the support of INSA, we would not be able to be the best. And best way to say a word about them, is to cite them:

INSA Lyon is the leading engineering school in France."

It annually welcomes a diversity of profiles among the best Baccalauréat graduates throughout France. Each academic year, we receive applications from more than 14,000 high-school students, nearly a thousand of whom are admitted.

In all, 37% of new students are female, 33% grant holders, and 33% foreign students. More than 100 nationalities are represented among our students, who spend five years on our campus studying various engineering courses. This is a major advantage of our school where recruiters are concerned. We are proud of the fact that our graduates always find work so quickly, confirming the relevance of the education we offer to the requirements of business and industry, with which we work hand-in-hand on a daily basis.

What sets our school apart is this ability to develop strong ties. It starts with the rich student life on campus, thanks to the action of more than 130 clubs and societies.

It is also reflected in the sense of belonging on the part of an entire community, including students, administrative staff and researchers, all of whom actively contribute to the success and development of the school.

Since its inception, the INSA model has always been associated with specific values; values we continually seek to serve and, more than ever, transmit. Diversity, excellence, openness and innovation are the driving forces behind INSA Lyon, which, over the course of almost 60 years of existence, continues to embody an avant-garde and resolutely modern vision of engineering. INSA engineers are in a league of their own. They boast excellent scientific and technical expertise, are capable of understanding the issues at the heart of their companies, and actively contribute to the evolution of their world.

This is a world in which INSA Lyon aims to become a benchmark. On the higher education scene, it ranks among the top 10 engineering schools in Europe. It also has the vocation to become a centre for research and innovation recognised throughout the world, a partner of choice for business and industry."

Eric Maurincomme
Group INSA President