BEST Lyon would not be able to provide its services without the continuous support of our partners internationally and locally.



Institut National des Sciences Appliquées Lyon is our university parner.

Thanks to them, we are able to provide our services to all of the students of INSA Lyon.

INSA has supported us with an office, financial aid and much more. For more information about our partner INSA-Lyon, look at the subsection University partner.


Agorize is our newest partner since 2017.

With agorize we provide INSA students the opportunity to partake into the leading open innovation challenge platform that brings together students, start-ups, developers and major brands!


Flixbus is our travel partner. Providing reductions in their services of their grand European network.

Flixbus has made the BEST network much more reachable for us and our students.

INSA Foundation

INSA Foundation has been supporting BEST Lyon since its creation and continues to do so.

Without their support, our progress would not have been possible.