Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ page!

Season Courses FAQ

How to apply to Season Courses?

  • By going to the following link: BEST Courses , you can see the list of events.

  • You need to open an account and fill the required questions and letter of motivation. And that’s it!

Who can apply to Season Courses?

  • In order to apply to a BEST Course from Lyon, you need to be a student from INSA Lyon.

  • This fact will be confirmed by BEST Lyon.

In how many Season Courses can I participate?

  • You are limited to three courses per four seasons. (3 courses in 1 year)

  • You can apply for three courses in a season, but you can only participate in one.


How many rounds of EBEC are there?

  • There are 3 rounds of EBEC. Local, Regional and Final rounds.

  • EBEC Local

  • EBEC Regional

  • EBEC Final

What’s up with the Local Round?

  • EBEC Lyon is the local round organized by BEST Lyon.

  • It is held in La Doua Campus, the home of INSA Lyon, and BEST Lyon.

  • The event lasts one afternoon where you have the chance to take up an engineering challenge upon yourself!

What about the Regional Round?

  • The regional round is EBEC France and is usually organized in Paris.

  • Here all of the winners of the local EBECs get gathered and compete for the chance to prove themselves for EBEC Final.

So finally what is up with the Final Round?

  • The international round is the Final Round and the biggest, where winners from 33 countries will compete.

  • It is always in a different country!

What is the difference between EBEC and EBEC Challenge?

  • In 2017/2018, EBEC Challenge was replaced EBEC.

  • The difference is that there is no Final Round, hence only the local and regional.

  • For the year 2018/2019, EBEC returns!

Joining BEST Lyon FAQ

How to join BEST Lyon?

It is very simple! You can do it in various ways:

  • Contact the Human Resources department.

  • Write to us by Facebook Messenger.

  • Come and meet us during our weekly meetings!

More information in the section Join Us.

When do BEST Lyon members gather? And where?

  • We meet every Monday 20h00 BMC 2nd floor.

  • Other reunions are made in our office which is in front of the KFET. Behind the ATM.

How much time does it take being part of the BEST Lyon team?

  • When you join, it takes a minimum of 2h per week. The meeting time.

  • In order to really integrate quickly, we recommend continuing the 2nd part of the meeting in our office, which continues for another 2h.

  • Any additional time spent with us is welcome! Work hard, Party harder ;)

How does membership work in BEST Lyon?

We have 3 member categories. They represent how much someone is involved in BEST and it also comes with rewards!

  • Observer: You are still understanding how BEST works, and learning slowly.

  • Baby: You got the main concept of BEST, and you are helping around and improving fast.

  • Full: You are BEST, you organize and your voice counts in important decisions.

Partnering up with us FAQ

How to become a partner association with BEST Lyon?

  • If you want to become a partner association and want to organize something with us, feel free to contact our President or come and meet us directly during our meetings.

How to become a corporate partner with BEST Lyon or BEST International?

  • If you are interested to become a corporate partner, contact our President.

  • The contact can be found in the section to the left.

Website Correction FAQ

I see something wrong with the website, who do I contact?

  • You are welcome to contact the Webmaster or the Secretary without hesitation.